How To Pitch 'To Camera'.

Pitching 'to camera' is no different to pitching to somebody that you've just met at a networking event or to a room full of people.  However, like all other forms of pitching, it does take practice to get really good at it!  It also really helps if you can forget that you are speaking into a small piece technology!!  One trick that can help here is to ask a friend to stand behind the camera so that you can concentrate on pitching to them instead of the camera.

In our post ‘IrishStartUpTV's Top Tips for Perfect Pitching’ we talk mainly about the content that should go into a perfect pitch.  This post will concentrate more on the technology that will be required to record and upload your pitches to for inclusion to our ‘Pitch Arena’.  Today, the vast majority of the world's population, now have access to each become filmmakers, producers and broadcasters and all from their mobile phones.  

This technology is ever evolving and mobile applications like Snapchat have the potential to completely redefine how each of us engage with video content.  These advancements also mean that this post might soon become completely irrelevant as we all become exports of video creation but for now at least it’s still worth sharing a few tips here to give a bit of extra confidence to anyone who might need it!


My preference would be to use the back camera on an iPhone or other smartphone.  You could also consider using a computer webcam but only if it’s capable of producing decent quality video (we require a resolution of 1080p).  Ideally use a tripod wherever possible but a friend with a steady hand will do equally well!


For lighting, it is best to film in a well lit room with any sources of extreme light behind either behind the camera or above it if completely unavoidable, just be sure to avoid filming into the light.  


The newer iPhones certainly have good enough microphones so you could start by trying to record using just the native video app and the device’s built in mic.  If, on playback, the audio levels sound a little low, then you could try using the microphone on a set of Apple earbuds (assuming you’re using an apple device) to achieve better sound recording than you will get when using the device’s built in microphone.  


Always be thinking about how you can further develop your presentation skills and embrace every opportunity to practice speaking in public!  Think about your voice, tonality and timing when delivering your pitch.  How you stand and what you do with your hands can also have a massive impact on how your pitch will be received so stand with confidence and back yourself!  

If you feel that you really need help with the preparation and/or delivery elements of your pitch then please do get in touch so that we can arrange a Skype 'pitch coaching' session to help you out.  Please note that a small fee will apply for that service.  

We can’t wait to share your story with our community so do get involved today - what are you you waiting for?!